Get to know the veteran and small-town mayor making government work for you.

The needs of the people and I go hand-in-hand.

Like many throughout this district, the State of Texas, and the Nation, my community must identify ways to overcome systemic inequities because those in office have other interests.

In Congress, I will ensure the needs of underserved, underrepresented, suburban, and rural communities are more than “thought of” in policies.

I will hold each federal, state, county, and municipal official and entity accountable for the money they receive and services expected to render. In addition to fighting for inclusive policies, enhancing community health and wellness through local and regional collaboration is a priority.

As a proven frontline leader and advocate, I will fight on your behalf to improve each issue listed below.

  • Ensuring suitable and affordable basic coverage for all
  • Increasing access to primary care and mental healthcare
  • Infrastructure investments in rural hospitals
  • Lowering prescription drugs costs
  • Revamp the transition process to enhance integration into civilian life and the workforce
  • Increase mixed study use of GI Bill benefits
  • Advocate to reduce veteran homelessness and expand support for PTSD and TBI
  • Increased teacher pay, advanced degree stipends, and specialized training
  • Better retirement benefits
  • Better resources for public schools
  • Dual certification and career pathway programs
  • Greater support and funding to HBCUs, community colleges, and vocational schools
  • A livable environment for future generations by reducing fossil fuel and other toxic resources
  • Ensuring safe and clean water for drinking and common day usage
  • Protecting smaller and underserved communities
  • Fighting for workers to have new jobs that pay just as well in a new energy sector as they do in fossil fuels
  • Ensuring the safety and inclusion of our underserved, underrepresented, and LGBTQ+ community
  • Ensuring a woman’s right to choose and have privacy over health decisions
  • Expanding voter access to the ballot
  • Mitigating the unnecessary creation of new laws and policies
  • Crisis mapping of resources
  • Working with advocacy groups to ensure desired outcomes are effectively termed and communicated to the governmental agencies intended
  • Holding every leader accountable regardless of party, position, or demographic trait
  • Ensuring leadership meets people and businesses where they are at to enable environmental and extenuating circumstances comprehension
  • Flattening the communication and decision-making channels for greater community involvement
  • Expanding rural broadband
  • Enhance the quality of training and certifications for small business owners to improve market share
  • Improve roads and arterials especially among rural and neglected communities in Texas
  • Increase the number of workforce housing to decrease transit workforces

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